The Shawshank Scale (The opposite of Yelp)

You know about the Yelp scale, of 5 stars reviews, when you dine at a restaurant, yes?

Well, they provide you a 5 star scale, that measures how good the place was.

But, that assumes it was 1 star good minimum…

We know that in some cases that food was SO bad, that you COULD NOT eat it, or even returned it back.

True, it is a rare thing… so for that my family invented the Shawshank Scale.

Based on the movie The Shawshank Redemption which is taking place in a prison, and of course the food there is… prison food.

How and When to use the Shawshank Scale?

  1. You MUST not be able to finish a dish, to put it on the scale. Finishing a dish and saying it was awful, is still 1 star on the Yelp Scale.
  2. If you had to return the dish, it is eligible. Now, if you asked for medium temperature on your steak, and it came medium-rare, and you asked for it to be cooked more – that DOES NOT qualify for the Shawshank Scale. If the steak came back Well-Well-Done and you could not eat it, then it may qualify. Remember, it needs to be in the negative range of the Yelp Scale, below 1 star.

Sample Shawshank Ratings (Thanks ChatGPT)

Some pictures from the movie